two days ago on tuesday the company i am attached to for the past two and a half weeks worked with a neighborhood primary school. the primary school children organized activities for the elderly which consisted of origami, chinese calligraphy which was essentially just drawing pictures of flowers and birds. they also held a skit which was in all ways a failure (to put it bluntly) but nonetheless, highly entertaining.

and as much as i dislike primary 6 children, there’s something about the eagerness in them (at least most of them) in wanting to help the elderly that makes me smile quietly inside


the children taught them how to fold paper cats and dogs and somewhere in between an elderly woman reached out for my hand and spoke with teochew words that i could not understand. she knew limited chinese – but definitely of a better standard as compared to mine – and communication with her was not easy. i helped her by securing double-sided tape on her paper cat’s 6 straw whiskers and i don’t think i will ever forget the smile on her face as she beamed at me and gave me a thumbs up saying in chinese ‘that looks very cute’

she smiled throughout and kept showing off her paper cat to the other two elderly women sitting by her side

at that moment it felt like one of life’s special moments, where my heart felt full and light

if i see her again i will ask her for her name, and i will remember it