movies watched:
1. wreck it ralph
2. les miserables
3. gangster squad

shows watched/ still watching:
1. two and a half men
2. gossip girl

books read:
1. unbearable lightness: a story of loss and gain by portia de rossi


things i want to do this year (besides study my butt off):

1. go to the night safari (never been there before)
2. go to the crocodile farm
3. USS
4. sit in the children’s section of kinokuniya (no borders ;( ) and read asterix and obelix and tintin the entire day
5. take a long bus ride to anywhere (and hopefully be able to find my way back home after that)
6. fly kites~~~
7. cycling and build sandcastles
8. go vegetarian for a month (or ok at least two weeks)
9. work at a froyo shop after exams
10. go on a road trip with the girls

hahaha the year has just started but i seem to be planning all my after exams’ activities oops

updated the previous list from the last time i created it, added new things to do, crossed off the things i have completed


and i realised i haven’t touched econs at all…. at least i’m on track for chem

damn 3 more weeks



/edit: meh the font size isn’t the same for both lists feeling very irritated by it but i’m too lazy to redo the first list

another friday.. almost gone.

so we have a long break because of presidential elections/off-in-lieu holiday, making the weekend break a total of 4 days now.

have a long list of things to complete over these four days


life seems rather bleak….