gif fun

came home at 9:50 and sat on my brother’s bed, spent half an hour just talking about anything and everything of no importance, felt nice to just speak everything that came to mind; school sucks, XXX has an issue, christianity etc etc. been feeling a little lost these past two days, think ‘lost’ pretty much sums everything up. he went out for a while after that and when he came back

he said ‘hey i saw this and i think you’ll like it’

handed me these five bars of – felt like my heart sink a little ‘did you buy me chocolates?’ – thinking to myself ‘no one remembers that i don’t like eating chocolate and that i only like…’

turned one of bars around and HEHE HELLO TWIX!!!!!

so touched thank you luffchu i know you’re reading this you stalka you

make gifs

5 BARS OF TWIX!!!!! my brother is heaven sent :”””)