everyday snack routine: filling a glass one-third full with strawberry yogurt (not the low fat kind FULL FAT THX) and filling it up with cereal with strawberry bits. eat. repeat again after dinner or late into the night ie. 1am/2am



latest snack which i eat every two days: (for a single serving) take one digestive biscuit, break it into halves, add one rocky mountain marshmallow (not the disgusting flavored ones that don’t even smell half as good) on top of each biscuit half. place them in a toaster oven, heat for a minute to get warm gooey marshmallow goodness on a biscuit he he he



last week: followed my mom out to do some grocery shopping and i single handedly managed to pile our shopping cart with things i need to keep my mouth busy with when i (try to) study.

this is my restocked snack drawer consisting of alpen strawberry yogurt bars, honey & oats bars, small custard cake packets neatly tucked into any small space in the drawer, ‘fancy gems’ no idea what i usually call this but i like to just eat the icing, sour snakes and hidden beneath the sour snakes are dinosaur gummies. i couldn’t fit my medium sized tin of redondo strawberry cream wafers or my four bottles of ginger ale or stuff in the two large packets of tao kae noi so this is just a small section of the food i bought.

bought this before going grocery shopping. this is exactly why my new twitter status or whatever people call it is ‘people always underestimate the amount of food i can eat’ ate something before going to buy groceries but my face became -> *_* when i saw the jelly counter. bought this for four at 2.50$ i think. clockwise from the top left: sour plum, fresh mango (gimmick to sell jelly. fresh mango vs. mango, former wins), pink guava and japanese ume. was honestly quite tempted to just buy four sour plum jellies but decided to not be boring and give the other flavors a try.

today i went grocery shopping A G A I N

then somehow in between the many times of pushing the trolley down the shopping aisles and smiling to myself (at a risk of sounding a little psycho here) because i felt so at peace with myself at…. grocery shopping. how sundays are always wasted; feeling guilty for not hitting the books but feeling guilty over not spending more time with family etc etc but all those feelings of guilt are entirely non-existent when i am grocery shopping. srs

gleefully grabbed a packet of rocky mountain marshmallows and a 4-in-1 twix bar and a few minutes later my face went into a permanent state of *_* *_* *_* because i saw that wall’s has a tub of paddle pop. that’s paddle pop heaven in a giant tub there. my mom said ‘that’s a lot of coloring you’re eating, i don’t think you should have bought that’ looked at her and gave my best ‘how dare you’ face


proclaiming my love for food/junk right now…….

nearly 500 words just on my trip to supermarkets/ encounters with food/ food/ food/ food


conclusion: studying makes you fat
conclusion #2: grocery shopping has now been officially added to my list of ‘things that make me happy’

oh and if you happen to be my elder brother reading this, i m watching u don’t u step anywhere near my snax

just a compilation of food photos i took (customary food photo whenever i eat good food/ food that makes me happy)




tori q bento set A forever ❤


soup spoon with twink



mom’s home cooked ramen





XLB buffet


mcfluffy forever


sogurt with wei


cold stone’s cheesecake fantasy with twink

still on my food wishlist:
ikea meatballs
apple strudel

20120110-175643.jpgtiny lunchbox my mom packed for me filled with baby carrots and seedless grapes

what i’ve been craving for – tonight’s dinner

always overestimating the
amount of water to boil for the soup

by the end of 2012 ok maybe by the end of the first half of 2013 i want to learn how to bake a cheesecake and just add on to the list of things i can cook

things i can cook = instant noodles and pasta

/am ashamed/