Photobucketdon’t usually gravitate towards blue clothes but these caught my eye when i was on asos a week ago. (although the furthest right isn’t really blue-blue) but there were no sizes left. honestly don’t like it when i’m at asos and everywhere says SALES SALES MORE THAN 70% OFF SALES!!!!! but i can never seem to find sizes for the dresses i like 😦

one more week to chinese new year, less than three days to the start of tests

need to make it out of this week alive


really want a pair of heels just like this

trawled through asos looking for a prom dress and eventually found myself at the men section looking at cardigans, am desperately resisting the urge to buy one because i hardly ever use cardigans but if i were a boy i think i would be the kind always dressed in a cardigan – usually grey, army (but not tacky) green, brown – jeans and a really nice pair of trainers.