a year ago i took this dress out of my closet but ‘you’re still too skinny to wear this’ my mom said, so i placed it back and forgot about it; tucked behind the twenty++ dresses i already have. a week ago i rummaged through my closet thinking ‘i always wear the same dresses’ and then i found this again, put it on and walked out to the living room asking ‘so can i wear this now?’ my mom said yes and then my dad walked pass saying ‘hey this is nice’

she told me ‘i kept this dress after only wearing it once, knowing that one day i would save it for my daughter to wear’


came home at 9:50 and sat on my brother’s bed, spent half an hour just talking about anything and everything of no importance, felt nice to just speak everything that came to mind; school sucks, XXX has an issue, christianity etc etc. been feeling a little lost these past two days, think ‘lost’ pretty much sums everything up. he went out for a while after that and when he came back

he said ‘hey i saw this and i think you’ll like it’

handed me these five bars of – felt like my heart sink a little ‘did you buy me chocolates?’ – thinking to myself ‘no one remembers that i don’t like eating chocolate and that i only like…’

turned one of bars around and HEHE HELLO TWIX!!!!!

so touched thank you luffchu i know you’re reading this you stalka you

make gifs

5 BARS OF TWIX!!!!! my brother is heaven sent :”””)

!!!!! 2 more days to exams


my mom bought me roses, placed them in a vase and placed it on my table. earlier in the afternoon i asked her if there was lunch at home and she replied ‘yes and there’s a surprise too’

i think at 18, i’m finally growing up and learning to appreciate the tiny things that my parents do for me. i really do love my mom


last night i crashed my brother’s bed because mine is.



(i almost feel ashamed)