council pride

today is teachers’ day.. how quickly things change

this time, last year, it was our first council performance. how the council would appear like to the cohort was determined by the success of our teachers’ day concert (and council item)

i remember standing at the back of the cc, watching the concert events unravel perfectly and just.. standing there feeling like everything was so surreal, that after all the months of meetings, planning.. dance rehearsals until 8-9pm had finally paid off.

and now, even after stepping down months ago, it has finally sunk in. that this is it. we’ve really stepped down and the next batches will continue our and the past councils’ legacy

everything is always painted in a very lustrous picture. i don’t think anyone really knows, truly, how much effort every single one of us has put in

i will never forget 2010

still remember how it was back then when school would end early but we would still reach home late since we always had council.


and the sky would look like this on rare occasions because usually when we left school the sky would already be dark

i really miss everything