there is no one else here. everything is quiet but the silence is comforting.

i am sitting here typing this when i should be at school. at 10:09am i stepped into the general office and asked for a green slip. before leaving, the lady at the general office told me ‘rest well. it helps’ kindness from strangers (or almost strangers) always makes my heart feel a little warmer, a little less heavier

i should be resting perhaps. but i am too awake to be asleep + too much time is wasted sleeping

yesterday was. special. maybe special might not even do justice to how amazing yesterday was.

12 am: gleefully prying open the envelope char mailed me two weeks ago. on the envelope she wrote ‘OPEN ONLY AT 12AM’ in it i found a letter and a cd. played it and in it she included two clips of herself talking – highly entertaining – and a picture slideshow of our 5.5 years of friendship.


in the morning my mom drove off without me in the car, deep in thought. that was special in a really amusing sort of way. what are the odds of that happening.. on your birthday. reached school – surprisingly on time – and rui passed me a paper bag before i went to the middle of the track to meet sherrie. gp lesson was cancelled and the class started singing the happy birthday song, nearly giving me a heart attack. then rui & christina appear beside me carrying two trays/tins of cupcakes, not-really-shouting SURPRISE! the cupcakes taste as amazing as they look


i opened the paper bag and i saw a cat in a ‘cat house’ it is called muffin and it is now on top of my iMac. if you press its back, the head and tail starts moving!!!!!! i love cats (^.^)~ that’s a cat


nearing 4pm, jess pulled me along and claimed ‘we need to discuss grad night. we need to book our table for post prom!!’ and i remember thinking ‘you need to book a table for post prom?!’ jess doesn’t do inconspicuous behaviour very well ha ha but it really made my day <333333 -spammage of <3s- i thought they had forgotten :') sharm's mom baked a beautiful mango cake – my favourite!!!!!!! we took polaroids and they put the polaroids in a photo frame they had bought. i am going to miss them so much next year

i had dinner with b and the day wrapped itself beautifully – almost too perfectly – with me walking back home with my brother, who had apologised earlier ‘sorry i didn’t manage to get your present, i’ll get it next time’ but sneakily gave me a new set of headphones when we reached home. my mom ordered a beautiful cheesecake from blue magnolia. and now my fridge is overflowing with 9 cupcakes. 1 huge mango cake. 1 cheesecake. a ridiculous amount of snacks charleen got for me. and at 11+++pm twink told me she made me muffins. my friends have all planned to stuff me with food this year……


feel like my heart is overflowing with too much love*~*~*~*~*

i fell asleep smiling, feeling very blessed, very lucky, very fortunate.. very very extremely loved

thank you (where 'you' is an expansion of many terms. where terms = all my loved ones who made my day special. sorry too much math haha mathgeek4ever)

spent the whole of yesterday enjoying the company of friends/family. not doing any work. i like this. but now that my self-proclaimed holiday (backed up by the excuse ‘it’s my birthday’) is over, i have an incomplete GP essay due tomorrow. econs graded assignment 2 essays. physics shm tutorial 9 questions. arenes to study. alkenes to be fully committed to memory. nucleophilic substition.. electrophilic substitution… pah

life goes on