3-5 am gibberish

completely pointless but i think May just might be a month of new records (and hopefully the start of productivity)

achievements unlocked thus far:

1. play a game during PE
2. actually swim in the swimming pool and not float
3. count 1 to 10 in chinese backwards – big achievement honestly
4. going for a night run right after coming back from tuition



too awake to fall back asleep. today is a monday, which means that the last seven days can be termed ‘last week’ already. last week felt like a long thousand years, usually the days (especially when you’re on a school holiday) pass by extremely quickly. on monday i spent the entire morning and afternoon cleaning the house and watching how i met your mother and big bang theory. at night i went for prom at sheraton towers. feels like everything just whooshed -literally- by and i didn’t have enough time to let the thought ‘oh i’m at prom’ sink in fully. and then some time at 11pm we found out we missed the bus that was supposed to take us to phuture so we took multiple cabs there. fast forward >>> monday already sounds so long ago ((and boring) although it’s just my unenthusiastic way of typing) far too lazy to go into details.. tuesday brunch with mah girlssssssss. immortals on wednesday. thursday i did a one-time part time job and had dinner after that and finally on friday i finally caught you are the apple of my eye, which lived up to my expectations although i really wished there was a happy ending, even if happy endings are cliched. in all, it was a great week, just summarized in a very deadpan way. maybe it’s because it’s 5am in the morning

i am lying down as i type this, if I tilt my head to the right i can see the moon from my window, it is a full moon to me ((i am half blind).. again) the moon is bright and i always find it comforting that you could be somewhere far away, i could be (i am/will be) missing you but we are both looking at the exact same moon and i know then that you’re not that far away after all