Monthly Archives: June 2017

that children these days are really ill-mannered or simply that there is an utter lack of manners. i am people watching and i spot a p4 or p5 boy ordering popiah. he waves and greets the uncle before he gives his order. i find myself smiling because the children i find myself surrounded by, my tutees and their siblings, find it difficult to even say a simple “hello jie jie” to me. i understand even more so now why my mom harped on manners and made us develop the habit of even greeting our neighbors in the lift. i observe the boy longer and it occurs to me that i am looking a little creepy. then i see him walking up to his father and i feel so tempted to walk up to them and tell his father how i think he did a great job raising up his son to be so well-mannered. 

almost immediately as that thought crosses my mind, another kid beside me demands a $1 from his mom and says “I WANT” to his grandmother’s chee chiong fan. it’s such a stark comparison and at such an interesting timing. the differences are so glaring and i cringe internally at the way he demands things from his mom. why do parents nowadays allow and condone such behavior? i don’t intend to be a parent but i’m certain that i would want my children to always comes from a place of kindness and have extremely good manners.

the thought of wanting to go up to the first boy’s father to compliment him reminded me of a lady i saw when my mom and i were on the train in bangkok a month ago.

i thought the way she carried herself with so much poise (note to self: stop slouching please!!!!) and elegance was so beautiful. i couldn’t stop staring and i told my mom “she’s so beautiful” the way she did her hair, the way her skin glowed and my mom and i were on some maxi dress craze at that point of time and her maxi dress just complemented her whole look. it was insane. i thought of how all those primary school fiction books that i used to read used phrases like “couldn’t take my eyes off her” and that was literally how i would describe it. i told my mom that i was tempted to just walk up to her to tell her how beautiful she is. but i let my self-consciousness get in the way. in the end we alighted before she did and all i did was send her major positive vibes. and also took creepy photos of her hahaha

i’m sipping on my teh bing and thinking that the third time such a thought crosses my mind of wanting to compliment a stranger, i’m just going to go ahead and do it.