Monthly Archives: March 2017

it’s strange how i used to write so often. little moments – often insignificant – would feel significant enough to write about. 

i don’t know why i’m writing but i’d like to make it a habit again. i was talking to ezzy last night about kindles and reading. we discussed about the importance of reading and that we wanted to cultivate the habit if we ever had children. i’m not sure how the conversation started but it certainly made me want to pick up the habit again. i picked it up in september and i think i should make it a habit again to bring a book wherever i go. finally completed sheryl sandberg’s lean in last month and it really piqued my interest into the whole empowering women topic. 

on my way to tuition now and just wanted to thumb type these idle thoughts. back to reading throne of glass. it is mildly embarrassing to be reading the same book as my secondary 4 tutee. also, i really want a kindle.