Monthly Archives: October 2016

it has been a while since i last saw this photograph. it has been filtered and squared; it is ready for instagram. it is strange looking at it again after so long and it feels even stranger looking at it from a third party perspective. this was a photograph taken by a lover. distinctively, i remember where i sat with you, i remember looking at you and thinking that you are so beautiful. so, yes, i did take the photo. yes, it did happen but now i am a stranger. for the longest of times, i succeeded in convincing myself that i didn’t truly love you. but tonight i know with a final certainty that i did. and i struggle with this because i love someone else but suddenly i am unearthing past loves. i recall what it was like loving you and the intensity of it all; it almost feels as if i am still in love with you. then i stop questioning myself as i realize that there are some people your heart never forgets despite having let go of. and it isn’t all that bad.