Monthly Archives: September 2015

i had a refreshing and frank conversation recently. again, the topic of my life “what do you want to do upon graduation” came into the discussion. right now, i’m halfway through year 3 sem 1 and by a stroke of coincidence, i registered for kamal kant’s working in 21st century and while i wouldn’t say i’ve had an amazing enlightened moment – the course has got me thinker a little more critically and provided in-depth insights into the whole “career” debate that has been in my mind since year 1 sem 1.

it’s a bit late i guess. but talking to zijie made me realise that i’m not the only lost one. perhaps envying those who have always had an end goal in mind isn’t much to be envious about. i quite like this process of soul-searching and self-discovery.

also i think i shall change my blog url – only four people know this blog and for some strange reason i always get more hits than that. it’s odd and strange to know that there are prying eyes around.