don’t you dare

tonight you walk into my room and i read the body language of folded arms and a less than sanguine expression then i think “here it comes” and i was right.

once again you bring him up and expertly shove your insults of him down my throat. i feel sick inside and i’m thinking that even after i chose to walk away, his ghost still haunts me and leaves a bitter aftertaste all because of you. i hear your usual string of well packaged insults that are subtle but they still sting and hurt just like they did slightly less than a year ago. then i relieve the whole agony of feeling torn apart, having to sit through countless of talks which were basically break-up propaganda, realizing all his flaws because you made them so glaringly obvious and eventually you did it. i couldn’t look at him the same way, i couldn’t feel the same way.

i will never forget this. 


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