for a second there

the world is too small. everybody is someone intricately woven into each other’s lives. i find myself distracted once again at the hands of social media and eventually i find my way to your profile. i wonder if you’re doing well but you should be, given the vast amount of support and love from people around you. you have always been blessed by amazing support networks, and i’m sure you were made only more aware of this when i left. i would have never thought that things would end – even though i knew it was coming to an end then – the way it did, and i can’t think of how it could have been avoided. i think of all the sorry’s i’ve said – do they matter did i need to say them? i look at your photos i see that childlike smile and how thin you used to be, i look through the one thousand photos on my phone for one last time

and for the second time, i let myself miss you.


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