celebrating highs and lows

this post is at least a month late.

a month ago i went through my first hell week of the semester: 2 quizzes and an examination. started the week off with the first of the two quizzes – 15 questions (a mixture of MCQs and short answer questions) within a time limit of 15 minutes – and emerged out of it with a 3/15…… which is highly reminiscent of my operations quiz last semester now that i think of it

the next day i sat for my philosophy examination and i think i did alright. then we got back our essays, which i have probably typed a post about, and i got an A grade. and i texted m and said wow it feels so great to get good grades. and that’s when i really realised how i was so accustomed to getting mediocre (and even horrible grades such as the aforementioned 3/15) and i was even accepting of it. and i thought then – that being accepting is one thing, but not striving to do anything about it is a completely other thing.

i probably can’t pinpoint exactly when i decided to accept and be fine with getting such grades but here’s putting it down in words: it isn’t okay and i have always been a firm believer of the whole notion of doing your best so that you have absolutely no regrets. i guess somewhere along the way i stopped putting my belief into my actions. it’s only a few more weeks to finals and i am done with classes (still have my second philo essay & a team project due in the next five days) and i can’t wait to do really well this time.

also, everybody should buy a survival guide for life by bear grylls. initially i did have certain reservations and i think the book deserves an entirely separate post on its own. thank you m for the timely and meaningful gift.


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