priorities during seminars

for some reason i felt the compelling urge to start typing a post while i am currently in my 3 hour long philosophy seminar

in the morning i bumped into two ghosts from my secondary school days – not particularly nice ghosts that i would like to see again – and i recall having thought of such moments before “what is bump into xxx or yyy next time” and finally i experienced this and the reaction:

for xxx: was seriously contemplating if i should acknowledge his existence or to casually walk past his table without even a single “hello” uttered. and in the end i decided to say hi after a good four years and i was met with an extremely lackluster hello. it was very strange and i’m not sure if i would choose to acknowledge him again.

for yyy: glaring at her from afar and feeling a large surge of anger running through my veins – not one to feel easily angered (maybe yes to easily annoyed) – it felt like a sudden rush of relieving sixteen year old drama and maybe even childish because my sixteen year old resentment is still very much present. maybe i have not grown up as much as i would like to believe. i am 21 but i still have this aspect of childlike pettiness. but i would like to believe that everybody has an arch nemesis in their lives.

i really haven’t thought of the ending to this post – really mundane thoughts – it is week 7 of school and finally recess week is coming. before university, i have never anticipated holidays this much.


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