einmal ist keinmal

week 6 has barely begun and i find myself in the reading room after four months

i am seventeen pages away from just completing the third chapter and as of now i have been plagued by a handful of philosophers’ idea of the self and have finally found one that i identify with the most closely: thank goodness for immanuel kant because david hume’s idea was just bizarre. the past thirty minutes to an hour i found myself questioning the ideas and at times feeling conflicted with which idea i most identified with because it felt disconcerting that my identification was able to change slightly with new perspectives. then i am reminded and aware of the rigour presented and i find myself…… relishing in this challenge

also i digressed and somehow thought of milan kundera’s unbearable lightness of being and wikipedia-ed it and read the plot and now thinking: i really am going to find some time to squeeze in reading into my lifestyle again

if there is one thing that i would really want to have in my house next time, it would really be a room filled with shelves of books.


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