good break

i am about to take a long bus ride to jurong east interchange – meaning that i finally have the time to sit down and thumb type a proper post about how i spent my summer holiday. i used to proudly proclaim – with a certain glee and excitement that i was vastly different from most teenagers – that i disliked holidays and that i would choose school over having a holiday anytime. then university started and for the very first time i found myself anticipating public holidays and desperately waiting for the summer break to come. this three months i think i’ve rested enough, i finished reading a book – which is a far cry from my 105 book count when i was 15, picked up baking (google is really my best friend), started cooking and caught up with everyone i wanted to meet.

this holiday i have baked
1. flourless chocolate cake
2. raspberry swirl cheesecakes
3. strawberry jelly hearts

and i plan to bake
1. lemon curd
2. salted caramel / red velvet cupcakes
3. lemon meringue sponge cake
4. berry brownie cake

also this holiday i cooked a total of 5 times(!!!!!!!) very proud of myself for becoming more domesticated although after cooking and baking i can’t look at cafe menus the same way and not feel that i’m not being ripped off……..

very excited for year 2 to start – excited to take the modules that i am genuinely interested in – basically very recharged and ready for another four plus months of school.


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