maleficent was very good

for my best friend’s 21st we had an impromptu movie after stuffing our mouths silly with truffle fries, our huge main courses and a really good sticky date pudding (thanks lyndi for the intro) decided to catch maleficent and the whole time i was enthralled by the backstory behind one of my favorite disney cartoon villians (char says that she doesn’t know what’s wrong with me because since she knew me when i was 13 i had always liked the villians in shows or movies) (but hey i love disney princesses too) sorry i keep digressing – we watched maleficent and i fell in love with the whole concept of the movie even though the beginning was a tad predictable – also having a background knowledge helped and made the whole movie so exciting

anyway what i mean to say is i have officially put maleficent in my favorite movies list which right now only consists of the whole dark knight film series, LOTR, matrix, troy, wreck it ralph!! i think the very fact that i am typing out a whole post dedicated to a movie shows my level of enthusiasm hahaha basically my favorite movies list means that i can rewatch these movies over again (and i’m not the kind that likes rewatching movies)

actually now that i remember exactly why i started this post was because i keep rewatching trailers on youtube since i want to rewatch the movie and i found this

and the comments are just so ridiculously funny

……either that or i have an equally ridiculous sense of humour


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