of friendship

sometimes i think of the night four of us climbed up the new furnished stairs to see the new balcony and then we marveled at the simplicity of the wooden flooring, potted plants and the view of the neat rows of houses with the soft allure of the sunset greeting us as we first stepped out. i think of the closeness of the group back then and liken it to a feeling of warmth and interdependency amongst sisters who could have outrightly swore that our friendship could withstand anything. and then one of us left to return to korea and then i really understood why long distance relationships were difficult. i saw the lack of commitment in myself to maintain a conversation besides the usual conversations based on catching up. then university caught up with the other two and meet ups became a yearly affair but it was always effortless to fit back into the empty roles we left behind. i think of dark days where i was weary and of the emptiness i couldn’t avoid regardless of what i did to push it aside and then i remember how i didn’t get past it alone. i remember impromptu dinner dates and long phone calls about nothing in particular. i think of four of us and i am a cliche; no relationship or friendship is perfect but i am and i will always feel beyond thankful and blessed to have met them.


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