hello holidays

last night i sneaked into my brother’s uncluttered bed, lied down and thought about how this is something i did always whenever my own room felt too stifling. then i thought about what dress to wear this morning and my mind skipped to what breakfast i should have; mentally i decided on a cup of hot milo and along with my pandan cheese roll to start the day. i laid awake for some time with my restless mind filled up with unimportant thoughts but i am not complaining. it has just been two weeks out of this three months break from school and i’m relishing in the lack of stress and not having to sleep past 2am and wake up by 9am for lessons or project meetings. next week i want to try making the bacon egg cups because they seem simple enough to start with (and they look really appetizing as well)

but first i need to get a cupcake tray


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