people shouldn’t talk when they are angry

i watch the words slowly line themselves out into a long string of angry curled sentences, hear how the sharpness and bitterness of a voice stings the air (and then weighing this between uncomfortable piercing silence and thinking i can’t choose between either; both are just as awful to listen to) and am reminded once again of how anger – particularly blind and without control – has the wondrous ability to transform a person into anything other than how you know him or her. i watch the contortion of facial features and my conclusion as before (and as always) is still the same: anger is an ugly thing and it makes people so incredibly ugly. anger obliterates any attempt to negotiate, to discuss or to rationalize and it erases all good done temporarily. i hear myself sigh many defeated sighs, conjuring up the best carefully lined brick wall defense in my mind but there i am – defeated. i feel defeated, i am tired

but tomorrow is another day isn’t it


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