growing up

i do this every now and then; i read the posts of august 2011 and each time it strikes me even harder than the last. how three years have past and i am no longer anything close to what i used to be. i see the growing list of archive links and this reminds me of why i keep a blog; to not forget and to learn from past decisions and experiences.

recently i have been harboring thoughts of setting up an online retail store. the lucrative potential is amazing if the execution is done well. discussed these plans with my best friend because these plans originated at least 3 years ago but were only dreamt of and never really attempted. it hits me now that all the what-ifs and excuses of other commitments are always the strongest excuses to not try.

yesterday while waiting for the bus back i sat with m’s neighbor and it was the first time we talked. we talked about the curriculum, strategies to do well for finals and he shared with me about how he has been funding his own university and hostel fees simply because he wanted to do so and to do something since he hit the age of 21. i asked him if he liked his job and he replied with honest enthusiasm ‘I love my job’

very inspiring and very inspired at the notion of self-sustainability. and of materializing dreams instead of just merely entertaining them.


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