good afternoon

today i found myself enjoying the simplicity of being alone and having alone time. had the very last of all project meetings for this semester in the morning at 9am, touched up on the group’s cue cards afterwards when everybody left to go for lectures that i didn’t plan to go for, had some quiet time to myself sitting down and having two tables to myself. in between i silently observed how the cleaner aunty seemed to have an ocd of pushing in all the chairs after she wiped a table and noticed how a lot of people really dress down for school. if there’s one thing i think my mother taught me well it would be that i should always look presentable when i leave the house (or hall for that matter)


typed that part out on Tuesday night and now it’s Thursday afternoon. feeling a little overwhelmed by the upcoming assignments, final presentation next week and also with the looming threat of finals in about 3 weeks. just finished a lunch with zijie – haven’t talked to him properly in ages – and now on the train to give private tuition. if there’s one thing that’s going to come out of this semester is that i learn to prioritize and manage my time better………. hopefully


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