started the night at 10:53pm thinking ‘ok maybe i should just do my written assignment’ typed out a full page of words for just the first part of the assignment then i looked out into the living room and saw the words resident evil: retribution on the tv screen and instantaneously my priorities switched. that’s the problem with an extended deadline and also probably a lack of self-discipline on my part

happily tweeted ‘watching resident evil now!!!!’ or something along the lines of that – it just struck me that twitter is our way of talking to ourselves to a public platform which is kind of interesting because the success behind twitter comes from people wanting to share their inane thoughts or thinking their thoughts or opinions or emotions have an external value isn’t it? then somewhere in the middle of getting used to running zombies – didn’t realize that it’s been more than five years since i last watched any of the resident evil franchise – honestly so brilliant – and watching gorgeous milla jovovich did I spell that right run her ass off, got an update of the national conjunct case camp by m on the whatsapp group which sort of set me right back from fantasy island to real world of deadlines commitments and how time is never enough yet someone still has the luxury to prop herself on the couch and indulge in mindless entertainment

i really did enjoy it though. i don’t remember wasting much time this week although i got hooked onto this tiny bit game called disco zoo hahah ha ha haha so i think i gave myself that leeway to have a little bit of alone time with the brother and one of my favorite movie franchise

i went a bit off tangent

i wanted to write about how it’s so easy to just take a back seat. felt like i was being one of those MIA irresponsible teammates that didn’t contribute – although i can safely say that the other two teammates have not produced anything tangible too – but m was staying on task and emailing us extra details and information and then it struck me – using this phrase too often – that i was being extremely lazy and i didn’t like how uncomfortable that made me feel. contrasted it to my sense of urgency in the previous case (although the context of 3 days to case camp vs. 6 days is a little different here) and thought about how it is so easy to just take the easy way out and blend into a pool of mediocrity and basically not wanting to put in extra effort. i think the problem is if a person stays unmotivated and lazy for prolonged periods then that’s the difficulty in trying the opposite or trying to revert back

basically people can always choose to make life or things easy by choosing the easy way out

i don’t know where i’m getting at but i know i read m’s barrage of texts in the conjunct group and

dedication and taking ownership and pride in what you do and passion is something really admirable and inspiring


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