hello hello

typing this on the train, very happy because i am about to meet my best friend for a study date and for some good food at night. this whole week was a supposed ‘one week break from school’ but i spent the whole week catching up on accounting and basically not taking a one week break because well. can’t afford to.

this whole week i cooped myself up in the room and managed to see my roommate more often because on normal school days we always seem to miss each other. kind of really like the whole alone time in the room at times although i did feel a little reclusive. a few weeks ago i discovered the magic that is cloudy apple juice and i’ve been hooked onto it ever since. crazy carton of liquid gold that costs less than 4 dollars. also this week i discovered that the beef noodles at canteen 2 is pretty decent and the uncle is quite nice too so i ate that twice a week in a row.

also last week sunday my mom accompanied me to get my new spex done and i am very happy with my new tortoiseshell wider frame ray bans – saying goodbye to nerdy thick black spex circa 2009 circa wtf was I thinking – and i am wearing them now which is something new because i never voluntarily wear my glasses out

this week really passed by too quickly and it wasn’t even that i have been slacking off – could have done a lot more work if i had cut down on my lie to me study breaks in between – i think a two week recess break would be just nice actually


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