all because of one iPod

just an hour ago i cleared up the swamp land on my table and one of the drawers, threw away bits of memorabilia and found my old iPod. then i thought to myself where do old iPods go. thought about the times where i truly felt like a badass for listening to my classic white iPod in secondary school while the rest plugged in their earphones into their phones. thought about how my best friend and i will always choose the back row seats – because who at that age will ever want to sit right in front – and always get singled out by our new tutors within the first 30 minutes because we talked way too much. thought the ritual skipping of chinese remedials or sneaking in of packets of wintermelon tea to chinese remedials whenever we couldn’t skip it because we felt like it. thought about watching vlogs on my best friend’s shiny red iPod nano and thought of how the years seem to fly faster after one passes the age of sixteen. 

and right now thinking about………

whether to get a dress from asos


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