started out the past week by lugging four textbooks all the way from hall to the lecture theatre, proceeded to the library to begin studying but instead i rearranged the folders on my desktop, took screenshots of my timetable and idly scrolled through the slides of the first economics lecture that i decided not to go to. after that and after having a late lunch i studied with zihui for ~~6 hours despite it being only the first day of the week. i remember feeling really hardworking but now i realize that i only studied on monday so it isn’t much to be proud of

tuesday i fought with 6.5 hours of nearly back to back lessons with only a sad half an hour break after the first 1.5 hours. came out of the whole day feeling surprisingly fresh and excited because i ended the day with business law which was really refreshing and something i have a genuine interest in. asked wafiy if he wanted to eat and we settled for koufu because that’s all that’s available near the seminar rooms and ended up talking about what we are thinking of specializing in – which led me to realize that some doors are really starting to close on me already – and talking a bit on our respective sports…. i don’t know how to end this but it was a good catch up after the holidays considering how our statistics group’s meat fest did not pan out. afterwards i met m and tried artease for the very first time – decent but way overpriced – but think i found a new *~*~*chill*~*~* study corner. thereafter we went to adm and met three of m’s friends and watched the breakfast club which i thought was witty at the appropriate times and a really refreshing change from the humdrum of movie choices these days. then again i thought that it was a little bizarre and incoherent at times in relation to the teenage romance and also thought the movie overplayed the whole ‘i hate my parents / my family is messed up’ idea…. but still a fairly good movie and a nice breather from my back to back lessons

wednesday saw me trying to be ambitious by waking up at 0615hrs to prepare for my IT seminar – thank goodness i snoozed because nobody prepared and honestly i don’t think prior preparation is really necessary – and making new friends with the first group i sat with only to be sorely disappointed when the prof decided to put the class into random groups (in my head: WE ARE ALREADY IN RANDOM GROUPS) and i think i see the value in random groups because a person is forced to break away from the comfort of friends (even if it’s newly formed 1 hour friendships) and is forced to learn to work with different personalities. the flaw in this is that i think most people have established a mental list of ‘type of people i can work with’ and isn’t this the thing about university – or about life for that matter – almost everybody is fighting to get A – and if you can work best in team A then why would you want to work in team B? then again i think if i were a professor i would have done the same thing

apart from all that rambling, IT seminar was probably the most dry seminar of the week. went for the exchange talk after which was oversubscribed with the first group of friends i made, and listened to a narration of something i could have probably made more effort to google on. made it to og lunch in time to collect my second batch of notes from weini and spent 2 hours after just talking at the nearby benches. non guilt-free 2 hours talk time but a much needed break despite it being only a few days into the new week


this is the best part.

long train rides to the opposite side of the earth. ‘what are your goals’ when was the last time somebody asked out of genuine interest about your aspirations? this is the thing that sets him apart from the others. he asks questions that no one has ever asked, questions that no one else usually bothers to find answers to.

walking down a slope with your hands holding onto your 80 cent ice-creams. sharing childhood stories and experiences to invite the other person into this part of your life that you thought was previously closed and sealed off. you look at him while he recounts a story involving his two elder brothers and there’s something about the way he talks, something that makes everything feel more concrete and certain.

in between you think ‘isn’t he something’

and you can tell everybody the story of how you met him and your first impressions but nothing really quite cuts it.


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