Monthly Archives: December 2013

so I finally watched frozen after all the hype – which was way overrated by the way – and came to the realization that I have probably and finally outgrown the whole Disney princess concept because I didn’t really enjoy watching frozen

or maybe it’s because I still can’t get over how good Wreck It Ralph was for me so every cartoon movie now is benchmarked against that

but the whole time I felt myself wincing at the cheesy lines or the whole concept of how true love was needed and felt the realist in me just thoroughly unamused. I really liked the trolls though they were awfully cute

and then I felt really bad for m who I dragged along to watch it with me

anyway the year is coming to an end and I just realised that my blog is 3 years old, which also means this is the oldest blog I have ever kept

2013 started out okay, uncertain, then it became numb, confusing, uncertain, certain, but mostly uncertain and finally ended off with a state of inexplicable calmness and content and a kind of excitement for 2014

ha ha hahahah ^ that has got to be the worst kind of summary for the year, 2013 was also the year I didn’t blog as much

anyway the whole point of this post was not to do a reflection about the year that is passing but more of how frozen was a letdown and that I really did not understand how Wikipedia states that it is the best Disney animated film or something along the lines of that


just a few days ago I told you that I only write best – or that the only time I ever do write or draw for that matter – is when I’m sad because somehow sadness fuels writing

then you asked what do I write, you questioned if I write poems and I was thinking

no definitely not poems because poems has this saccharine connotation attached to its one syllable word, and saccharine is not a word I intend to associate with my writing with

and I still am unable to put into words what is it exactly that I write and it has been months since I last wrote, which brings me to this moment of realization that I haven’t been sad or heartbroken in a long time

that period of my life is long gone,

and I couldn’t end this post with a more cliche sentence but

I really couldn’t be any happier