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She says ‘I’m really crazy about you’

In her head ‘I’m really – for a lack of a better word to describe my feelings accurately or fully – fucking crazy about you’


what do you do when you have a 10 mark reflection paper due tomorrow?

you spend 1.5 hours rewatching mean girls because 

hey that makes perfect sense right?

thank God for friends like zijie who help me out by sending me their version so I have a sample 

I don’t even know why I named the title of this post as that ^ considering how I am in this immense state of tranquility (lol) spent the past three days in this pent up state of frustration re. jet lag is a big bitch and when you’re in local university, anybody who goes to a local university should know that wasting three days away is like a week of missing out

ok that was a fairly long paragraph

anyway so I spent about four hours churning out yet another powerpoint slide for a different module, not that i don’t like doing slides since I offered to do the slides after all, it’s more of how it struck me that this is the 4th time doing slides in what? less than 3 months? it’s not every day that you go around realising you’ve done a fair amount of averaging 30 slides in one month right
I started writing this post midway through conquering statistics (chapter 7 when this week we are on chapter 11…………it’s ok ‘still got time’/’better late than never right’) because it just struck me that

I actually really <b>love</b> university life

it’s crazy hectic and the workload is really neverending but I really love the whole freedom (although sometimes at your own expense) I love feeling that I am in control (although debatable) of how I want things to be

and also I realised that the 30 dollars I paid for the statistics textbook is honestly money WELL SPENT (re. economics textbook = useless = I should have known better)

thinking of picking up a new language next semester german/malay/french? honestly if I could take up mandarin I WOULD because everybody knows I need it………….. anyway what am I talking about lol the semester hasn’t ended – obviously this is an extremely rare optimism because in 18 days or so I will be saying hello to finals and um.

I forgot the whole point of this post again


spent 3 hours just watching ellen interviews and watching the whole ‘kevin the cashier pranks’ videos available on youtube. safe to say that the <22 days to finals countdown is not affecting me ha hahaha ha ha? ok fine i’m going to try to start on stats