Monthly Archives: June 2013

that in a span of one week my level of independence has increased

this week i have
learnt how to bake decent oatmeal raisin cookies – next up on the ‘to bake list’ lemon drizzle cupcakes
been responsible for my own morning training
cooked noodles for my mom
did more dishes
vacuumed the house
written out a weekday training schedule for myself

as London Tipton says– ‘go me!’


spent the day with my best friend being clowns in h&m trying on sunflower shades and children hats that refused to fit our otherwise non-children heads, spontaneous agreement around 245pm to watch the great gatsby after we walked into kino where i mentioned that i want to read the book – great gatsby was great –

then i took the train and observed how the couple beside me both needed an urgent cut for their fingernails —- exact thoughts in my head were ‘ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE for any human, boy or girl/ man or woman to be having such disgustingly long nails’ looked at the guy and thought that his hair was equally as bad

aforementioned guy then proceeded to take out a pack of green VICEROY cigarettes from his pocket and showed his girlfriend – who gingerly took it from him and opened it — the incredulity of this moment struck me: what else did she expect to find in a cigarette box? chopped up pocky sticks? — and then gave it back and they discussed on the brand of cigarettes

here is how it would have gone if the girlfriend and i traded souls

i would have confiscated the pack and thrown it away —— which part of smoking is ever glamorous or acceptable – not only is it an inexpensive BAD HABIT which is bad for your health –(I hereby quote myself) ”literally paying to kill yourself”
basically the whole idea of

loving someone and not trying to change them in this scenario is a flawed argument

you should want the best out of the person you love

there shouldn’t be any rules to love
if you love, love
if you don’t love, don’t

you don’t get to choose
who stays or
who goes