an educational post

googled ‘slumdog millionaire’ and wiki tells me it came out in 2008, looks like i am 5 years a little late but i can finally say that i have watched it

spent the whole of monday with best watching jack neo’s sorry film. not that i am unsupportive of local efforts but i think there is a huge need to move away from the usual humor (and even bad acting at times) 2 hours really felt too long, that was the first time i found myself idly replying my text messages in the cinema……. planned to shop for an entirely new wardrobe because a girl can never have enough shoes or bags or clothes and i refuse to conform to society’s norm of t-shirt and shorts to university. instead all my money was spent on good pasta, pizza, ramen and frozen yogurt. went home and did mental calculations on the amount i spent in that 12 hours and it’s amazing that i can spend more than 60 dollars on food, thinking to myself 60 DOLLARS CAN BUY ME SOMETHING FROM ZARA but it was really good food nonetheless

am reading birdsong: a novel of love and war now, which is due for return in a week. obviously this is not really interesting but i felt like typing it all down

also i ate a giant grapefruit just now and thought to myself that surely taking 25 minutes to peel a fruit and watch a movie on my imac has got to be one of life’s simple pleasures………… was a nice grapefruit btw


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