Monthly Archives: March 2013

this is the first time (this year?) in a long time that i’m not using the wordpress app on my iphone to type a new post. first things first: the new wordpress dashboard is disappointing and is less appealing. using my mother’s macbook pro to type this out because somehow the wifi connection in my house no longer extends to the bedrooms. also i have been feeling like my productivity levels are exponentially high when it comes to doing work in front of a laptop. in other words, i have taken 6 years to realise this because i have been using an imac since i was 14. so much for always thinking i have insanely high levels of self-awareness

today i have managed to accomplish in areas of sloth and being a hardworker ie. completing my university applications (one that i put on hold for 9 days because of either (1) fear of finally doing something about my future (2) bleeding swollen gums from the previously mentioned post (3) now which one is the right answer) then again, a few nights ago i think i actually do work a lot better under pressure and deadlines………….. so that’s that

so on areas of slothing i managed to efficiently google search on selena gomez’s interview with david letterman – watched the video, was highly unimpressed – then watched about 20 other youtube videos on interviews with the vampire diaries cast. did i mention that i completed three whole seasons plus 12 episodes in a week? if that isn’t an accomplishment in areas of being a fully fledged sloth then i don’t know what is

no idea why i have managed to type a relatively long post or what is the whole point of typing this out ———– oh

actually i was just planning to embed the video of ed sheeren singing give me love because the song has been in my head for the last hour or so. before that it was empire state of mind’s CONCRETE JUNGLE WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS LIGHTS WILL INSPIRE YOU in my head – which i then proceeded to watch a few x factor videos to satisfy the urge to hear NEW YORK NEW YORK repeatedly in my head

ok so this is what i am rambling about, i searched in vain for a while to just find the part without the first song but i couldn’t find it so…….. basically the chills moment (for me) starts at 2:49 but you can start watching at 2:30 if you’re bored enough (???)

and then there’s ed with give me love

there’s something about shy boys………………………..

also, i want to learn how to play a guitar

march is ending is 2 days which means my holiday ends in around another 4 more months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! excited for april 🙂 life has been good


in a span of one week (and one day) i have

1// gone to USS
2// removed my two upper wisdom teeth, officially meaning that i have zero wisdom teeth left
3// felt proud of myself for removing the first two when i was only 15 – hey look fun fact of the day
4// feeling miserable for a whole day because the stale taste of blood in my mouth didn’t go away
5// mastered the art of swallowing porridge, minced pork, vegetables and pan fried scallops
6// completed 3 whole seasons of vampire diaries, am now on VD S4 E5
7// fallen sick

now isn’t this strange. seeing recent photographs of the ghosts from my past. thinking ‘i know you’ when it should actually be ‘i think i knew you’ and then feeling like this entire experience is unreal. there she is, looking all bright eyed. there she is, she put on too much weight. there she is, now she hasn’t changed. and yet all i think is how these people were never here at all. how should i put this. intangible? lately i’ve been feeling this way. knowing and remembering but not actually feeling. do you ever feel this way

i am sitting on a tiny red chair feeling every bit of the overgrown child that i am. there is a sea of children running past me and screaming their lungs out. the most important part of this paragraph is that i am severely annoyed at having to deal with this level of noise pollution at 10:34am in the morning

am trying my best to achieve the inner peace that master shifu in kungfu panda 2 talks about, *~*~*~*~*peace*~*~*~*~*~ serenity*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ yet all i feel is the complete opposite which is suppressing the immense need to throw a chair (not at a person) (but at the open area) and enjoying a brief one minute of silence

have no idea how to end this giant rant……ok so to summarise lol it would be nice to just have a little bit of quiet

here is the part where i spit your name out in a cruel bitter tone, all two syllables hanging heavy on my tongue and on my lips. here is the part where i think the best years of my youth were spent wasted on someone undeserving. here is the part where i should have told you: go, run, because it’s what you do best.

googled ‘slumdog millionaire’ and wiki tells me it came out in 2008, looks like i am 5 years a little late but i can finally say that i have watched it

spent the whole of monday with best watching jack neo’s sorry film. not that i am unsupportive of local efforts but i think there is a huge need to move away from the usual humor (and even bad acting at times) 2 hours really felt too long, that was the first time i found myself idly replying my text messages in the cinema……. planned to shop for an entirely new wardrobe because a girl can never have enough shoes or bags or clothes and i refuse to conform to society’s norm of t-shirt and shorts to university. instead all my money was spent on good pasta, pizza, ramen and frozen yogurt. went home and did mental calculations on the amount i spent in that 12 hours and it’s amazing that i can spend more than 60 dollars on food, thinking to myself 60 DOLLARS CAN BUY ME SOMETHING FROM ZARA but it was really good food nonetheless

am reading birdsong: a novel of love and war now, which is due for return in a week. obviously this is not really interesting but i felt like typing it all down

also i ate a giant grapefruit just now and thought to myself that surely taking 25 minutes to peel a fruit and watch a movie on my imac has got to be one of life’s simple pleasures………… was a nice grapefruit btw