just another friday

now i am sitting at a table that is too big for just one person but i am carrying two bags and my back is aching plus my feet are tired and i don’t really care. 4:33pm is too early a time to be eating dinner but all i’ve had is two slices of gardenia’s fruit and nut bread. here’s a fun fact of the day: i took a double decker bus today. thought about how i used to love sitting on the upper deck with my mom. i used to feel like these little moments were uniquely mine; that i was the only plaited hair girl who would scramble to find the best seats and feel –if i were to use the now mainstream phrase– infinite. then i grew up and every significant moment felt like it was mine to share, something that no longer belonged solely to me. that what i feel now is something someone else feels as well. in this way i take comfort in knowing that there is somebody else who might be having a worse day. a lost one in a family. or that when i decide what to eat, someone else is wondering when he can finally eat. i’m not sure if i’ve blogged about this before but there really is always something to be thankful about.


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