story of my wednesday

what i remember most about my wednesday: having two separate whatsapp conversations with my best friend about the –i quote– ‘discrepancy in the generosity’ between friends and then another serious conversation at night about whether taylor swift had a boob job. scrolling through my facebook news feed (or is it called timeline…… does it matter anyway) to see someone i have never talked to before post a picture of a pikachu figurine which said stranger got from macdonalds’ happy meal (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) first thing i do in the morning would be to get myself a happy meal (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) also i will begin my second facebook purge but a thousand TQ TQ TQ(s) to that person i guess. watching gossip girl season 4 after 1 year and 2 months — love how everybody is so tight and united. i keep expecting one of them to turn against the other but so far that hasn’t happened and each time i suppose it feels like a surprise center you find in sour sweets— and now it is barely 15 minutes into thursday but i’ve been waiting since 10:28pm on sunday for wednesday to pass and it finally has. i can almost taste sunday now


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