in my mind

there can only be two scenarios

1. receiving a slip that has a neat row of A’s and B’s. jumping up and down like a maniac but as for now, you don’t care about what they think, you made it through yet another obstacle in life. everything is clearer, everything is brighter

2. receiving a slip marred with ugly C’s and D’s. here there are no A’s at all. simply put, this slip should have the word ‘disgrace’ on it. now your friends ask how you’ve done and you’ve done nothing at all but waste a few years of your youth and the money your parents spent on tuition. watch as their faces fall and this is the part you’ve been waiting for. things like ‘hope you feel better soon’ and ‘stay strong’ must be the top favorites on the list of things to say to someone who has failed and done badly. everything is awkward, everything is still for now

everybody always says that a slip of paper doesn’t determine our lives or who we are as individuals

but honestly it feels as if most people say that as a defense for their bad grades


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