adventures on the train pt 1

this is how it goes. getting onto a 9:32am train, thinking ‘i should be asleep’. instead i’m here silently cursing in my head. mentally claiming a seat to be my own then changing my mind to claim the one opposite because said seat had a strand of hair on it (gross) there is a boy here, i’m sure i’ve seen before. he, along with four other people, are sleeping. the man beside him is listening to music (another useless thought: ‘wonder what kind of music he listens to’) and has a bad case of eye bags. the man beside me must be thinking he’s on stealth mode and doesn’t know that i can see he’s trying to see what i’m typing on my cracked iphone screen. he gets off a few stops later and i’m left alone with empty seats covered with invisible germs and the girl sitting beside me. she has a photo of herself as her display picture on her phone. a snide remark ‘narcissist’ comes to my head immediately but in all fairness it was a really nice picture. then it becomes my turn to get off to change trains. today is the second day of my experience with paying adult fare now which is strange because i hardly feel like a adult. everybody is walking so slowly — is this what comes with growing up — secretly i get a kick out of walking faster than office ladies in their kitten heels — everybody looks so dissatisfied with their aimless (at least that’s how it seems to me) 9 to 5 job. this is the part where i think i am not (and never want to be) these people.

also, i believe this is called revival of the dead blog


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