Monthly Archives: November 2012

pretty much a self explanatory title but my favorite color has been jade green since mid july (so far two people that i have told ‘my new favorite color is jade green!!!!!’ both expressed their disgust) and after googling ‘jade green’ i realise that maybe what i really like is dark green. by the way googling ‘jade green’ actually did not provide any enlightenment whatsoever (insert screenshot below) last saturday i saw a boy wearing this insanely gorgeous dark green cardigan and i had this overwhelming urge to reach out to touch it because it looked really incredibly soft or to ask him where he got it BECAUSE I WANT IT TOO but instead i just whipped out my sad excuse of a phone and tweeted about it. went on asos just now and narrowed my searches to MEN/ CARDIGANS/ GREEN and found three that i like, with the furthest right being closest to the color i like and the one i like the most. somebody please get it for me for christmas?


wow an entire paragraph about my favorite color

hope that i have added value to your life


and to end off with typical nails-of-the-day-photos (actually this was taken in august)


learning points from this post:
1) my favorite color is dark green
2) it would be nice if somebody bought me the cardigan on the furthest right

and um thanks for reading my superficial post about a color and the last part about nails