Monthly Archives: October 2012

farewell assembly was on thursday so this means i’ve officially graduated from school (finally) the assembly was alright i guess, it started off with me feeling ‘wow this is it today is really here’ along with the standard nostalgia that entails with these kind of events. and then towards the end it got a little… lacklustre and i thought ‘huh that’s it?’ and then it was over

wasted a few hours of my life in the cc after the hype died down watching gtoh abuse the mic, thinking at some moments that i really should be heading back home to study because amazingly enough i spent 5 hours the previous day watching x factor uk — ella henderson had better win this year — that said x factor uk beats x factor usa hands down — but somehow it didn’t feel like the right time to just leave


on tuesday i stayed in school until around 5:40pm after concluding my very first consultation of the year with my chem tutor who patiently went through 12 MCQs with me. after which i left for tuition and walked out of the side gate alone

as i walked out i crossed the same bridge i have walked across for almost every day for the last 2 plus years and it finally hit me that i would be saying goodbye soon. honestly i think only people who actually stay in potong pasir and students who are part of the saint family would actually come here so after i collect my result slip next year i probably won’t be walking past the same bridge or press the button to enter the side gate for a long time coming


so as i walked past the bridge, the basketball court, past two old men discussing about the prices of new flats, past KFC which i have only ate at once, past ABC shop, past the tau huay shop, i tried my best to remember all the sights (and sounds if there were any) and it made me realise that i really enjoyed my time here. i always claim i hate JC honestly it’s tough but i’m glad i came to SA.

this will always be a place like home


you should watch this

(just putting this out there, i absolutely love watching x factor. it’s like my feel good show)

not that i was having an extremely bad day, in fact i think i had a decent 6/10 day but if i was having a bad day, watching this would have definitely turned my day into a huge 100/10

so if you’re having a rough day and you haven’t watched this before, knock yourself out haha this is gold

oh and if the first video is gold, the second video must be a thousand times platinum

mindless entertainment for my soul haha have a great wednesday (whatever is left of it) everybody

so the first week of october is nearly here, it is less than a month now to exams (i am also aware that i have way too many posts about counting down to exams, time is running out etc etc related posts ((also i use ‘etc’ way too often)) ) and surprisingly i feel a little less frazzled as compared to a month ago.

recently i’ve been feeling extremely blessed and that despite things not always working out, there is always something to be thankful about

today i am thankful to God for granting me a good night’s rest, which was really amazing because i woke up feeling refreshed at 6:38am even though i only had 5 hours of rest

current desktop wallpaper which reflects my current state of mind; serene view outside the art science museum