something like a clean slate

came back home around 4pm, stepped into my room and instantly i take in two changes my mom has made.

1) that my mom has moved away my full three shelves worth of stuff animals and moved all my books and comics there instead, leaving my second bookshelf naked.

first bookshelf, once filled with books, now bare and meant to keep the notes and lecture books i always dump on my bed

second shelf, once filled with stuff animals

ps. trophy & medals porn + if anyone is that observant and wondering why the word ‘ARM’ is on the photo frame, it’s because the C & H mysteriously vanished + yes i have the entire twilight set i am ashamed + i feel vaguely embarrassed at the army of jodi picoult books, in my defence that was from primary 6 to secondary 1

2) my bed actually looks like a bed


in contrast to the usual state it’s in — CLICK TO SEE SWAMPLAND

also, i decided to move my table lamp to the left and shift my iMac to the right side of my table since i usually study on the left side and the iMac takes up too much space.


had to rearrange the photos on my wall and self-reminder: print out more photos after exams


feels great to be organized, really feels like fresh clean slate thanks mom you’re the best


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