Monthly Archives: June 2012

came home at 9:50 and sat on my brother’s bed, spent half an hour just talking about anything and everything of no importance, felt nice to just speak everything that came to mind; school sucks, XXX has an issue, christianity etc etc. been feeling a little lost these past two days, think ‘lost’ pretty much sums everything up. he went out for a while after that and when he came back

he said ‘hey i saw this and i think you’ll like it’

handed me these five bars of – felt like my heart sink a little ‘did you buy me chocolates?’ – thinking to myself ‘no one remembers that i don’t like eating chocolate and that i only like…’

turned one of bars around and HEHE HELLO TWIX!!!!!

so touched thank you luffchu i know you’re reading this you stalka you

make gifs

5 BARS OF TWIX!!!!! my brother is heaven sent :”””)


this is last minute studying at its best. surprisingly (and i guess, worryingly at the same time) calm about walking into the air-conditioned examination hall feeling unprepared.

where will i be in four months, six, nine

a lot of things have changed. how different will things be in a matter of months?

has it been sixteen days since the last time i came here, am aware that this is me rhetorically speaking to myself

took some time off to sort out (mostly unnecessary and generally unimportant) heart affairs but i guess i am back now, not exactly one to keep moving everywhere so i will stay here unless i need some (again unnecessary) change in my life


was this what you were looking for. i love you’s, sometimes punctuated with ‘always’ behind, but never with ‘forever’ we are not as cliche as them, idly scribbling down ‘love’ messages behind the backs of notebooks, i like to believe we are more than this, more than feverish kisses behind pillars, clasped hands, our arms wrapped around each other, more than what anybody else has ever felt.

do you know

you make it hard to love another again?

slipping off to a quieter place, possibly tumblr or perhaps a reunion with live journal after so long. staying here still for thoughts that need not be locked away, just feel like i would rather not mar this place with password protected posts. granted, it is easy to find wherever i’m moving to, you just need to know where to look

everyday snack routine: filling a glass one-third full with strawberry yogurt (not the low fat kind FULL FAT THX) and filling it up with cereal with strawberry bits. eat. repeat again after dinner or late into the night ie. 1am/2am



latest snack which i eat every two days: (for a single serving) take one digestive biscuit, break it into halves, add one rocky mountain marshmallow (not the disgusting flavored ones that don’t even smell half as good) on top of each biscuit half. place them in a toaster oven, heat for a minute to get warm gooey marshmallow goodness on a biscuit he he he