second last week of may

last week in photos


1/ sitting at the other side of the field watching the touch rug semis and finals with the guys
2/ my iPhone camera is incapable of capturing how beautiful the sky was that day ‘i could just lie down right now’
3/ instant noodles is my best friend – that being said – i think i need to stop eating instant noodles so often
4/ 34th stepping down ceremony
5/ MY SAVIOUR brought this to school on thursday and promptly aired my blistered toe (this wasn’t as gross as how i’m making it sound) (no my feet don’t smell, if they do smell then they smell like fairies and glitter and all things pretty) and filled my right sock with prickly heat powder ‘yucks charmaine that’s gross’ not my finest hour, guys

tomorrow makes the start of my second last school examination before the life determining A’s

i should feel confident of getting my A by now but um

ok B would be the bare minimum right haven’t gotten anything less than a B for GP this year

/why is everything about school/

can’t wait to fill this space with nothing but how i am living a sloth life….. a few more months. to say i can’t wait just might be the biggest understatement of the year


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