mid may

camping out in my brother’s room right now because i can’t find the blades of my fan and i refuse to ruin my streak of not turning the air conditioner on. had to push all his junk to the right side of the table, thinking ‘my goodness how can anybody live in this perpetual mess’ not that i’m one to talk, not exactly the neatest person here but i think my brother really takes untidiness to a whole new level

this week has crawled by, don’t quite remember every single detail besides knowing that i slept most of the week away. too much time is always wasted on sleeping… MAY IS ALMOST HALF GONE actually i’m kind of looking forward to june; planning my study schedule (read: nerd) but honestly there isn’t much time left. need to stop thinking that i will always have time..

on wednesday gerald said that social life and studies can be represented by a PPC curve which is insanely true. really have immense respect for people who academically, have stellar co-curricular records and actually have a social life. ‘god-like’ but i am not one of these people /sadly/

so it’s friday again, the only highlight this week was that i finally got down to going for my afternoon swim (before wasting close to half an hour by waiting for the train at the wrong side and getting a little lost, 5 points to me) swam 20 laps even though the clouds were dark by the time i finished my 3rd lap. prayed that it wouldn’t rain until i finish at least 20 laps and the moment i finished my 20th lap, the lightning alert sounded and everyone was asked to leave the pool. how good is God? ♥

and then a few hours back i read on my timeline that our soccer team beat the vjc team 5-3 and made it to the finals. so happy for them, God helps those who help themselves

sounding a little preachy but

God is good


oh and my best friend just whatsapped me that apparently i was one of the few people who got the hatstall on pottermore. i am speshell


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