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start (and the quick end) of holiday lessons, sleeping at 2am, progressing onto 3am tuck ins, here’s to many more late nights of studying at the dining table, not that it does much for my current complexion ‘but it’s okay nobody even looks ha’, stuffing my face with strawberry wafers, finishing the jar of granola, i can feel my thighs ballooning, giving myself a haircut then realizing today that the layers are hardly visible, running across the road to catch the bus – just so to avoid gongcha being closed – these are the pains people like me take to get their pudding milk tea, buying 2 cups of pudding milk tea, 1 to drink on the spot and the other to last until 2am

and where are we now


it is already june


last week in photos


1/ sitting at the other side of the field watching the touch rug semis and finals with the guys
2/ my iPhone camera is incapable of capturing how beautiful the sky was that day ‘i could just lie down right now’
3/ instant noodles is my best friend – that being said – i think i need to stop eating instant noodles so often
4/ 34th stepping down ceremony
5/ MY SAVIOUR brought this to school on thursday and promptly aired my blistered toe (this wasn’t as gross as how i’m making it sound) (no my feet don’t smell, if they do smell then they smell like fairies and glitter and all things pretty) and filled my right sock with prickly heat powder ‘yucks charmaine that’s gross’ not my finest hour, guys

tomorrow makes the start of my second last school examination before the life determining A’s

i should feel confident of getting my A by now but um

ok B would be the bare minimum right haven’t gotten anything less than a B for GP this year

/why is everything about school/

can’t wait to fill this space with nothing but how i am living a sloth life….. a few more months. to say i can’t wait just might be the biggest understatement of the year

completely pointless but i think May just might be a month of new records (and hopefully the start of productivity)

achievements unlocked thus far:

1. play a game during PE
2. actually swim in the swimming pool and not float
3. count 1 to 10 in chinese backwards – big achievement honestly
4. going for a night run right after coming back from tuition


camping out in my brother’s room right now because i can’t find the blades of my fan and i refuse to ruin my streak of not turning the air conditioner on. had to push all his junk to the right side of the table, thinking ‘my goodness how can anybody live in this perpetual mess’ not that i’m one to talk, not exactly the neatest person here but i think my brother really takes untidiness to a whole new level

this week has crawled by, don’t quite remember every single detail besides knowing that i slept most of the week away. too much time is always wasted on sleeping… MAY IS ALMOST HALF GONE actually i’m kind of looking forward to june; planning my study schedule (read: nerd) but honestly there isn’t much time left. need to stop thinking that i will always have time..

on wednesday gerald said that social life and studies can be represented by a PPC curve which is insanely true. really have immense respect for people who academically, have stellar co-curricular records and actually have a social life. ‘god-like’ but i am not one of these people /sadly/

so it’s friday again, the only highlight this week was that i finally got down to going for my afternoon swim (before wasting close to half an hour by waiting for the train at the wrong side and getting a little lost, 5 points to me) swam 20 laps even though the clouds were dark by the time i finished my 3rd lap. prayed that it wouldn’t rain until i finish at least 20 laps and the moment i finished my 20th lap, the lightning alert sounded and everyone was asked to leave the pool. how good is God? ♥

and then a few hours back i read on my timeline that our soccer team beat the vjc team 5-3 and made it to the finals. so happy for them, God helps those who help themselves

sounding a little preachy but

God is good


oh and my best friend just whatsapped me that apparently i was one of the few people who got the hatstall on pottermore. i am speshell

this was the place of

many firsts. pancakes which he helped you drizzle maple syrup over. vanilla ice-cream in tiny glasses, sharing them in a single silver teaspoon. you like to think it says a lot; that you don’t usually share ice-cream but you don’t mind sharing it now. running up the staircases. running back down. lying on your backs with your legs wrapped around each other’s. the first time you genuinely felt afraid to lose someone.

this was the place of

nothing that will mean anything again

last week: followed my mom out to do some grocery shopping and i single handedly managed to pile our shopping cart with things i need to keep my mouth busy with when i (try to) study.

this is my restocked snack drawer consisting of alpen strawberry yogurt bars, honey & oats bars, small custard cake packets neatly tucked into any small space in the drawer, ‘fancy gems’ no idea what i usually call this but i like to just eat the icing, sour snakes and hidden beneath the sour snakes are dinosaur gummies. i couldn’t fit my medium sized tin of redondo strawberry cream wafers or my four bottles of ginger ale or stuff in the two large packets of tao kae noi so this is just a small section of the food i bought.

bought this before going grocery shopping. this is exactly why my new twitter status or whatever people call it is ‘people always underestimate the amount of food i can eat’ ate something before going to buy groceries but my face became -> *_* when i saw the jelly counter. bought this for four at 2.50$ i think. clockwise from the top left: sour plum, fresh mango (gimmick to sell jelly. fresh mango vs. mango, former wins), pink guava and japanese ume. was honestly quite tempted to just buy four sour plum jellies but decided to not be boring and give the other flavors a try.

today i went grocery shopping A G A I N

then somehow in between the many times of pushing the trolley down the shopping aisles and smiling to myself (at a risk of sounding a little psycho here) because i felt so at peace with myself at…. grocery shopping. how sundays are always wasted; feeling guilty for not hitting the books but feeling guilty over not spending more time with family etc etc but all those feelings of guilt are entirely non-existent when i am grocery shopping. srs

gleefully grabbed a packet of rocky mountain marshmallows and a 4-in-1 twix bar and a few minutes later my face went into a permanent state of *_* *_* *_* because i saw that wall’s has a tub of paddle pop. that’s paddle pop heaven in a giant tub there. my mom said ‘that’s a lot of coloring you’re eating, i don’t think you should have bought that’ looked at her and gave my best ‘how dare you’ face


proclaiming my love for food/junk right now…….

nearly 500 words just on my trip to supermarkets/ encounters with food/ food/ food/ food


conclusion: studying makes you fat
conclusion #2: grocery shopping has now been officially added to my list of ‘things that make me happy’

oh and if you happen to be my elder brother reading this, i m watching u don’t u step anywhere near my snax