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april is nearly gone. about half a year left to create a miracle and then finally have eight to nine months of break which i (should) deserve. first week of april was great and then it just went downhill from there. quite relieved that the month is finally coming to an end although that just means i’m a lot closer to dealing with a’s. was thinking of whether april 2011 was a good month and remembered it wasn’t so conclusion: april is never a good month // voice in my head is telling me that i can control how i want things to be, just a matter of whether i want it to or not /// but not everything is within our control // may and june and july just hurry up already best months in the year hands down

so we’re one third done with 2012

two thirds left / sigh /


here i have studied close to four hours, ate a bowl of instant noodles for my dinner while dissecting my lecture notes and then making my own, feeling a little worn out, four hours and yet i am still left with a GP essay, ionic equilibrium tutorial, AC tutorial, mcclaurins and integration on my hands.

tomorrow is yet another monday, yet another week

oh look 11:11

think it’s safe to say that i dread mondays and thursdays the most because 1) Monday blues 2) my timetable for both Monday and Thursday is pretty horrid

but today was quite a good day for me. even if it felt like a monday, with this week being a 2 day school week for me since i got a 3 day MC, felt a little odd and even slightly disorientating to wake up at 6:30am in the morning (!!! holidays hurry back i miss sleeping in)

it rained around one plus. finally got to use the umbrella i chucked into my locker —speaking of lockers will the person who hijacked locker 267 behind LT1/LT2 whichever just behind the LTs please vacate the locker how shameless of you to place a lock on a locker which you did not pay 5$ for!!! but ok fine i don’t need it now anyway— my shoes got soaked and had zero intention of wearing wet socks to tuition so i bought a pair of socks. achievement unlocked: buying a pair of socks that isn’t white


walked around popular and other shops to kill time while waiting for tuition to start. checked out the price for the hunger games trilogy (no idea why popular has to make the book set so ridiculously ugly) and realised i miss reading a lot/ spending most of my money on books. walked past macdonalds and saw some ad which stated that lunch/dinner was as cheap as 4.50$ and thought to myself ‘macdonalds for dinner is kind of gross’

and then my mom comes back home and proclaims ‘i bought macs!’

anyway highlight of my day: finally logged into my pottermore account, got my wand and i’m in slytherin whoop

what a great day 🙂 shall add the jaundice smiley here just to emphasize on how great today was

so she hides behind a social networking site. half the time everything she says makes little or of no sense – honestly no one really cares – i look at her and all my anger from before fades to nothing but amusement. that somebody could act years younger than her age and still seek to make herself look like a victim – honestly who are you trying to kid –

grow up and move on

we all have better things to do. too much time (and energy) is spent wasting it on

people who no longer matter


i remember having less than 30 seconds to conclude my essay, walking to my bag and telling lyndi ‘possibly the worst essay i have ever written’, felt so much better writing my three page long essay on globalisation during MSA – you know the feeling when you pass your script to the invigilator and you know that was an A grade paper – this felt nothing like it. in all honesty i remember writing – this is the only GP essay to date that my handwriting is not big ad cursive but it’s actually consistently tiny and neat – and pausing more than six times because i lost track of what i was writing and i had to reread the entire paragraph to make sure i was making sense

and so today when mr pang finally gave us back our block test scripts and he asked the class to guess who else got the highest for our essay, when he called out my name i swear i was like WHAT R U SRS U MAD?!?!?!?!!!! and then i felt like a complete bitch

you know the kind of people everybody hates because they always go ‘OMG GONNA FAIL GONNA FAIL’ and in the end they end up doing pretty decent (pretty decent= B and above) and you just feel like smashing their faces right there and then? suddenly i became one of those people but really with the exception of today i will never be a subset of that group

not my best essay and yet this was the best marks i have ever received for an essay

God helps those who help themselves

thank you feeling so thankful and blessed


7 more months here we go