such a beautiful song :’) and from such a beautiful movie too. miss the old mariah before plastic surgery and before all the ditzy pop singles that she sings nowadays.


been awake since 4:40am, felt like it was 8am when i woke up in the middle of the night, eyes wide open and wide awake despite only sleeping for three hours. a dreamless sleep; something i hardly get. tumbled out of bed and turned the lights on. found out that my best friend was awake too and talked a bit while i cleared my post exam war zone room and completed neopets’ 2012 daily dare and defeated punchbag bob. (i am a hip 19 year old)

five hours from then i attended youth for the first time in a long while. when they said ‘put your hands up so we can welcome you since its your first time here’ i turned to d and told him ‘it’s my first time in a long time, does it count’ as we sat cross-legged on the dusty carpet floor i realized that after 16 the years really danced by. youth was populated with secondary ones and as i look at many of the young girls still in an awkward phase of their lives – learning to find themselves, boys, awkward dress sense, boys, boys and more boys – i guess it really finally sank in that even though i’m still 18 for a few more months, i still feel 17 but i am getting older and eventually i will have to grow up

kind of frightening, really

– alright time to sleep, start of term 2 (= resetting of late coming record and 2 parents letters) tomorrow

march is nearly over


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