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this is how lazy days begin. breakfast with the best friend at mac’s, hotcakes with sausage, yes tea, milk? alright tea with milk (later on i would discover that tea + milk = tea without milk) then we would walk to the national library and pick out 5 books (me) 8 books (her) and find the closest seat to occupy ourselves with the books we picked for the next few hours. finished reading 3 books in 3 hours and borrowed two before we left to stuff our faces with sushi.

good food + good company

got to love lazy days like these


just a compilation of food photos i took (customary food photo whenever i eat good food/ food that makes me happy)




tori q bento set A forever ❤


soup spoon with twink



mom’s home cooked ramen





XLB buffet


mcfluffy forever


sogurt with wei


cold stone’s cheesecake fantasy with twink

still on my food wishlist:
ikea meatballs
apple strudel

you would not know this. that i have loved you more than anyone i have ever

pried open the layers of my heart to
spilled my secrets to

with you i am different
but don’t get this wrong. different not in a bad way but a good kind of different

the kind that when you wake up at 6am and feel that life is no longer bleak, that there is something to look forward to, feel like the world is at your fingertips, with you i feel less afraid

more certain

but right now i can’t remember what it was like to

hold your hand
kiss your cheeks and leave a trail of kisses to the corners of your mouth

do you know what it was like being with you?

i would never be more alive than how i was then

such a beautiful song :’) and from such a beautiful movie too. miss the old mariah before plastic surgery and before all the ditzy pop singles that she sings nowadays.


been awake since 4:40am, felt like it was 8am when i woke up in the middle of the night, eyes wide open and wide awake despite only sleeping for three hours. a dreamless sleep; something i hardly get. tumbled out of bed and turned the lights on. found out that my best friend was awake too and talked a bit while i cleared my post exam war zone room and completed neopets’ 2012 daily dare and defeated punchbag bob. (i am a hip 19 year old)

five hours from then i attended youth for the first time in a long while. when they said ‘put your hands up so we can welcome you since its your first time here’ i turned to d and told him ‘it’s my first time in a long time, does it count’ as we sat cross-legged on the dusty carpet floor i realized that after 16 the years really danced by. youth was populated with secondary ones and as i look at many of the young girls still in an awkward phase of their lives – learning to find themselves, boys, awkward dress sense, boys, boys and more boys – i guess it really finally sank in that even though i’m still 18 for a few more months, i still feel 17 but i am getting older and eventually i will have to grow up

kind of frightening, really

– alright time to sleep, start of term 2 (= resetting of late coming record and 2 parents letters) tomorrow

march is nearly over

a light brush
against my cheek

you are too close, but
not too close for comfort
i like


you are close enough for me to take in all of you

here. i can see your eyes are tired
yet you struggle to keep yourself awake, our hands are nearly touching and i try to keep myself from

wanting more of you