the week is half gone now, feel like this week has crawled by, with every new day inching forward a little slower than the previous day. on monday i took baby steps around school and truly felt like a handicapped. kindness from the guys who offered to carry both the files i held in my arms and my eastpak as i trudged up or hobbled down the stairs. feel like this kind of simple acts of kindness should extend beyond the scope of friends, like people in general should be less concerned about approaching a (complete) stranger and offer their help without feeling embarrassed. something like how when you get up from your seat in coffee bean or starbucks or wherever, it would be nice if one day it became an unspoken agreement that people will automatically help you look after your belongings without you having to ask them politely if they would help you. and so today as i took a 20 minute walk to tuition, well prepared with a medium sized original froyo with fruity pebbles, it felt like this (reference: current emotional state: calm) is how i would like to be six months from now. initially 2012 was just a year in which i wished would pass by quickly and quietly, that all i wanted to do was to make it out of this year alive. but i think right now, i finally know what i want to do. feel like life is more certain now with a clear end in mind, so it’s only 6 days away from the last day of february. in ten months 2012 will come to a close and i will read this post again eleven months or so from now and i hope i’ll still think that 2012 was a good year for me.


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