saturday mornings

woke up at 6:30am out of habit and instead of falling back to sleep like i would usually do, i stayed in bed playing scramble for a while and then got out of bed. yesterday was a good day with rui, we spent the first ten minutes of PE deliberating (ok whining) on whether we should skip PE but in the end the relief teacher allowed us to run around the track (we walked five rounds instead) because we didn’t want to play captain’s ball. walked at our own leisure pace just talking about school, people and life and after school we grabbed dinner at toa payoh and just walked around – finally got koi after months – and talked even more. it was a really good day.

so now it’s 8:55, been awake for more than two hours and i have yet to do anything productive. a lot of work in my hands but the inner sloth in me seems to be extremely domineering right now. the morning is still young, and extremely cold. rummaged my closet for a jacket to put on just now and found my class jacket from two years ago that i haven’t worn in a year. putting it on makes me feel a little safe and warm inside

hope i make it out of today alive

have a good day everybody


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